10 simple but very effective steps to become a better writer (Part 1).

So, you want to be a better writer. My friend, you are in the right place. I will publish soon the second part of this guide but until then be patient and follow the next steps. Let’s get started.

1: Empower your imagination.

Imagination is the most valuable tool in your toolbox. Contrary to what people may say, you are not born with a certain capacity for imagination. It needs work to flourish. This was my teacher’s first and most valuable advice. If you want to be creative, you have to empower your imagination. There are many ways to do that.

Nothing is normal for a writer. You will write about different worlds, complex characters, unexpected situations etc. A door mustn’t be just a door for you. No one wants to read about a door. The things that are happening behind that door are important. If you open it, what would you see? Another world? An intruder? Something even more interesting? This is up to you. There are no limits to your imagination.

Think of a tree. Is it just a tree? Maybe it is a home, or a portal to a different dimension. Maybe this sounds silly to you, but when your character is in need of a solution, this method will be your savior. So, create many short stories based on that method. You will need those stories to pop up to your mind when you’re writing your book. This way, you can be original and keep your story interesting. Your goal for now must be to do this exercise for the next two weeks. Breathe life into the things around you, see the world through the eyes of your imagination. Oh, and you don’t need drugs to do that! Isn’t that cool?.

2: Be patient, you are not ready yet. Keep writing your ideas.

Try to be patient. You have a lot to do before you start writing your book. I know, I know all you want to do is grab a piece of paper and go bananas. We will get there soon. But first you need a good story. Write down every idea that springs to mind. Don’t forget. Everything that goes through your mind is a possible candidate for your next story. Work, work, work.

Example: A man is bitten by a spider and gains superpowers. This is all you need to write Spiderman


Bonus tip: If you want to be good at writing you need motivation. Well, if you want to be good at anything you need motivation. You must exercise every day to harness your writing skills and that is not an easy thing to do. So I want to motivate you with the following image.


Do you feel motivated? It says motivation in big blue letters. Good, isn’t it? No? Maybe we need bigger letters.


What about now? BIIIG letters! And they’re blue. What do you think? It says motivation. No? Well, at least I tried. Oh, wait.  I know, I know. Wait a minute…. Where did I put it? Where did I-  Aha, found it!


What about now? Keep writing or you will be eaten by a bloodthirsty dinosaur. We’re talking true inspiration here. But let’s get back to business.

3 thoughts on “10 simple but very effective steps to become a better writer (Part 1).

  1. Thanos Goumenos says:

    Thank you very much! Your encouraging words are very helpful. It is important to have people like you, who motivate other writers like me to keep trying and become better. Every writer ,apart from the proper knowledge, needs also motivation and encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

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