What if?

Life is full of “what ifs”. Choices that define who we are. I believe that in every difficult situation, I always make the wrong choice. It’s like the right one is hidden in a corner and laughing at me. The most common mistake that I‘ve made was that, when I was at a crossroads, I didn’t make any choices. I was a mere viewer of the events that I should participate in. I have chickened out more times than I can remember. One day I decided to man up, make my own decisions and face the consequences. Yesterday, while I was making my coffee, I considered the choices that I’ve made. A big WHAT IF took form in my mind and it is still there.

What if I had been braver and talked to that girl?

What If I had made that trip I always wanted to make?

What if I had learned how to play the guitar or another instrument?

What if I were closer to my parents?

What if I hadn’t given up on writing three years ago?

What if I had more friends?

What if I had asked her all the questions I wanted to ask before we broke up?

What if I had made the right decision then?

What if I had known how to make a right decision?

With my characters, I make the choices that I wanted to have made and I create different versions of those situations I‘ve been in.  After some thought, it seems that there is no right or wrong decision. I’m not complaining, I have learned valuable lessons that shaped my personality. My characters haven’t learned anything yet and this is the reason I am so mean to them. They have to learn the hard way, just as I did. What do you believe? Is life a big WHAT IF?

4 thoughts on “What if?

  1. Charlene says:

    Life is always full of WHAT IFs. What if we had a do over, would we really change anything. We say that we would change our decision, but would we have changed anything at all?


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