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This is our logo. Nice isn't it?

This is our logo. Nice isn’t it?

 This blog is for both writers and readers. If you are a writer  who wants simple but helpful advice or a passionate reader  who wants to gain more insight into the art of storytelling,  you are in the right place. But first, let’s make one thing clear.  I am not a professional writer. Yes, I’ve studied how to write  a screenplay and how to handle a story, but I am not a  professional writer or a writing coach.

 Wait, wait! I have more to say. For the past six years, I have  been trying to become a better writer. Believe me, I’ve tried  very hard to find simple and useful advice. It’s not that easy.  On my first attempt to put my thoughts down on paper…  well, I failed. I didn’t know why. All I knew was that my story  wasn’t good enough for my teacher. He didn’t bother to teach me how to write, he just gave me a bad grade. The problem was that I didn’t have the proper tools. My story was good but poorly written and with plot holes. Since then, I’ve been trying to learn from the best and the best teacher is my own computer. I have searched for advice from well-known writers and coaches all over the internet. I was eager to learn, but there wasn’t anyone to teach me. I have spent more time trying to find good advice than putting them into practice. I am trying to change this by giving you free tips and advice so that you won’t have to go through the same trouble I did.

This blog is about writers like me. I will try my best to share the knowledge I have acquired and tested in the past few years and I expect you to share some of your knowledge too. This isn’t a blog only about me, but about you too. Especially about you. Let’s help each other become a better writer without spending a dime.

Enough about the writers. Let’s talk about our
beloved readers. A book’s purpose is to be read. So, long story short, we create books for you. We will share articles from your point of view and discuss what it is you want from a good book. We want to hear your voice and learn from you. Deep down, we (the writers) are good guys. Please help us make our books better for you. What? You don’t want to read a five-page description about a flower and a rock? You got it!

Let’s make some things clear.

Dear trolls, I know that you are out there and I know that your purpose in life is to make ours miserable. Please stay in your caves or set up your ambush on a bridge or something. Do whatever you want but do it somewhere else.

It doesn’t matter what genre you write or read. You are welcome here and we want you to participate in our community. Who cares if your favorite genre is sci-fi, romance, fantasy, horror or something as different as manga? Even those who read the books we love to hate (Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight etc.) have a place here.

No flaming! As Voltaire said:

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

Do I have to explain this quote to you? Really?

Disclaimer: We want every material that is used on this blog ta have creative commons licence.  But if in any case we post a video, an image, an interview or anything else that is copywrited, and the owner does not wish this content to be published from us, we will delete the copywrited material from the blog. We undertand very well that the little c in a circle has a meaning.

Contact email: thewritersblog22@gmail.com

Author: Thanos Goumenos, Editor: Iliada Karamintziou

Copyright © The Writer’s blog 2015

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